Prometheus Services

What we do?

We help you to create data-backed strategies that consistently optimize content and channel distribution across platforms to drive desired actions for your target audience(s) – including multicultural targets.

We offer fractional C-suite management services for early stage digital content companies to allow them to affordably and strategically grow without the burden of an expensive C-suite.

  • CFO
    • Accounting
    • Bookkeeping
    • Strategic finance
  • CMO
    • Marketing
    • Brand strategy
    • Audience development
    • Sales & performance reporting
  • COO
    • Business operations
    • Data/analytics
    • Process planning & implementation
    • Sales planning
    • Strategy implementation

Tracking performance is critical to executing strategy and running a profitable business. Prometheus makes reporting and analytics efficient and impactful. We standardize and automate reporting wherever possible so that your team can spend more time taking the appropriate action. In addition to standardized reporting, we also have advanced statistical capabilities that allow us to conduct strategic analyses focused on mission critical initiatives.

The Prometheus Digital Studios team focuses on the metrics that matter to help your team be more agile. We go beyond just numbers and charts to provide the “so what” and actionable recommendations to help our clients succeed.


Segment and prioritize your audience to optimize when and how to strategically engage various audience cohorts to drive positive audience growth and actions.


Learn which content is most effective at driving actions among specific audience cohorts across platforms. Identify which content elements and messages are essential for positive impact.


We track and report your performance so you know which audiences are growing and which content results in audience growth.


Our understanding of growing and activating audiences has made us good at reaching the right target audiences when it comes to social paid media campaigns. We make sure the message gets to the right consumers for your campaign.