April 20, 2023

Building Successful Content Strategies for Digital Studios


When a digital media studio sought to create an affordable, profitable, and appealing digital format for social media, they turned to Prometheus Digital Studio for assistance. With a budget of approximately $100k, Prometheus embarked on a journey to build a new and profitable content brand, starting with understanding the target audience’s preferences and testing various formats, topics, and genres. Through multiple rounds of testing, Prometheus discovered an untapped market opportunity focused on low-cost, engaging social content with high viewership. By understanding the audience’s content preferences, the team created multiple iterations for testing and identified the elements that resonated most with the intended audience. A light tone, relatable comedy, and elements of Romantic Comedy and Horror/Thriller emerged as winning ingredients.


Building upon these insights, Prometheus developed an anthology series called TXT Stories. This innovative format featured short, scripted fictitious text conversations that captivated the audience’s attention. The popularity of TXT Stories led to the creation of spinoff brands, including TXTU (college-themed), Unknown (horror/thriller), Ignis Fatus (fantasy), and Phony Texts (parallel brand to TXT Stories).


Prometheus’s audience and content development approach yielded remarkable results for TXT Stories. From scratch, they built an audience of 3M Facebook followers and 3M Snapchat followers within the first 12 months. The brand generated $1M in ad revenue during this period, a testament to its profitability. In the second year, the Prometheus team doubled the revenue to $2.2M, further solidifying TXT Stories’ success.

TXT Stories not only achieved impressive profitability but also captivated viewers’ attention. With over 1 billion minutes watched, the series boasted the #1 longest watch times on Facebook Watch. The content consistently achieved a remarkable 60-80% video completion rate, reflecting the audience’s high engagement. Additionally, multiple spin-off brands garnered 500k+ followers and attracted attention from renowned celebrities and major brands like Facebook, UniLad, LMFAO, Martin Lawrence, Buzzfeed, McDonald’s, and Netflix.

The success of TXT Stories showcases Prometheus Digital Studio’s expertise in audience and content development. Through comprehensive testing and a deep understanding of the target audience’s preferences, they created a breakthrough format that captured millions of followers, generated substantial ad revenue, and garnered attention from industry giants. By partnering with Prometheus, brands can unlock the potential of their content, achieve remarkable results, and captivate audiences in an ever-evolving digital landscape.