May 16, 2023

Delivering Impactful Results for Creative Agencies


Prometheus Digital Studio was approached by the creative agency of a major online travel company to identify travel trends that aligned with the cultural zeitgeist and appealed to niche groups that also held strong cultural relevance for Black travelers (Millennials and Gen Z) and Hispanic travelers (Millennials and Gen Z) in the US. The objective was to create special, unique travel packages that would generate buzz and visibility for the company while highlighting the travel company’s position as the de facto company for unique travel experiences. Prometheus Digital Studio was tasked with conducting research to identify strategic cohorts and top content trends on social media that could be leveraged to reach the target audience effectively. The biggest challenge was to identify cohorts with significant overlap across pop culture influence, Black travelers (Millennials and Gen Z), Hispanic travelers (Millennials and Gen Z) and social media.


Prometheus Digital Studio was integrated into the creative agency team and utilized their expertise in data and analytics to conduct extensive research and investigation. They identified six strong traveler cohorts, including one called the Streaming Escapist cohort, whose travel was inspired by their favorite movies and TV shows. This cohort became the core focus for the travel company’s strategy.


The Streaming Escapist cohort emerged as a key segment, driving the company’s annual planning. Travelers inspired by entertainment content became a significant source of inspiration, surpassing social networks. Prometheus discovered that 96% of travelers had visited locations associated with their favorite TV shows or movies. The influence of streaming content, particularly on Netflix, was undeniable, with 87% citing it as their inspiration for travel. This provided the creative agency with a potential high profile partner for unique travel experiences. The travel company experienced a substantial increase in bookings, with 61% of US travelers visiting destinations seen in movies or TV shows.


Creative Agency Response:

“I am still tired from the adrenaline of the pitch. The feedback was incredible (pasted below) and this wouldn’t have been possible without you as a partner, so thank you. We are in the process of costing up to four ideas (a record!) which we put forward and these were all grounded in the insights you shared with us.

… we nailed it in the end collectively, and I am thankful for how receptive you were to my feedback, especially in such a short time frame.

Look forward to working with you throughout 2023!”


Travel Client Response:

“A quick note that the team delivered a phenomenal H1 plan. Very smart and strategic and they managed to be “on brand” while still taking new risks. I’m super impressed and looking forward to bringing these ideas to life. Loving the energy and direction of this current squad and wanted to make sure you were aware!”



By leveraging data insights and identifying the Streaming Escapist cohort, Prometheus Digital Studio helped the creative value provide value to their travel client and tap into the growing trend of entertainment-inspired travel. The strategic focus on aligning with pop culture and leveraging content trends resulted in increased bookings and engagement with the target audience. Through data-driven recommendations, Prometheus Digital Studio empowered the creative agency and travel company to achieve their desired outcomes, such as reaching new cohorts, increasing product awareness, and driving sales.


Sample Prometheus Audience Report
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