Prometheus Audience i-D Services

Comp i-D

Comp i-D is an audience identification service that uses past or present comps (also known as comparatives) to identify the target audience. This service is ideal for those trying to prioritize multiple projects or in the very early stages of development prior to financing. The final deliverable for Comp i-D is an audience summary report that outlines audience demographics, interests and potential promotional opportunities for paid and organic audience engagement. This is a great start for enhancing the strength of pitch decks when seeking project financing.

Concept i-D

Concept i-D is a service where the project concept (e.g., title, logline or tagline) is tested in combination with key art. This service works well for projects in late stage development seeking to understand which story elements, visual styles and tone resonate most strongly with the audience ahead of production. It is also great for projects in post production seeking to hone marketing in preparation for release or with the intent to bolster interest as they shop for distribution. The final deliverable is a report that includes audience demographics, ranked performance of concept/key art combinations and a mailing list of individuals who you can ad to your mailing list or market to later when the film is released.

Trailer i-D

Trailer i-D is the service used by major studios and streamers. It’s ideal for late stage development, pre-production, early stage production projects and post production projects. This is our most versatile service that allows for audience identification in addition to understanding the best streaming platforms for your project. The final deliverable will provide you with audience demographics, project theatrical potential, estimated competitive performance versus industry benchmarks, viewing intent, interest drivers and interest barriers.

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