About Prometheus Digital Studio

Audience first. Prove it with data.

At Prometheus Digital Studio, we always start with the audience and work our way back to the content – focusing on attitudes and behaviors that drive desired outcomes and actions. This is the key to our rigorous, end-to-end data testing using statistically proven Best Practices.
Success depends on creating the right content, for the right audience on the right platform, but it also means making the balance in the bank account go up. We understand the importance of making sure that online initiatives have a clear positive impact on revenue. For that reason we focus our attention on the metrics that matter instead of vanity metrics.

Meet Our Team

Meet the project leaders behind Prometheus Digital Studio

Damion Taylor

Bringing 20 years of experience in data & analytics, he is one of the most in-demand audience development professionals in the industry today.

Gabriel Salinas
Co-Founder/Bus. Ops.

Has helped create and grow businesses like LinkedIn from $0 to $100M+ in annual revenue across multiple countries, industries & cultures.


Damion Taylor, our Founder, is a trained scientist with a degree in Neuroscience and an MBA. He brings the rigor of his scientific training to every part of our process from analytics to content creation, ensuring that insights accurately deliver actionable business results.


Having worked as a photographer and producer, Damion also has experience as a creative which allows him to translate data into meaningful actions for creatives and Gabriel brings with him 10 years of operational experience in the digital media space, having run operations for company’s such as Ellen Degeneres’ company Ellen Digital Ventures.


After working in Silicon Valley tech companies like LinkedIn and Yahoo!, Gabriel Salinas learned how to optimize processes so that companies can move at the speed demanded by today’s marketplace without sacrificing revenue.

How we work?

End-To-End data testing.

From concept to execution, data informs every step of our process to ensure consistent quality and results. Our creative and strategies are focused on the elements that add value for the audience.
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Test 1
Note: For visual purposes only. Not actual date.

More informed decisions

After multiple tests we found that the expensive and time intensive process of color correction does not significantly increase viewer acquisition or retention for mobile-first content.
Saved both time and money for clients without sacrificing performance.