Our Philosophy

At Prometheus Digital Studio, we approach content differently. We use the scientific method to deconstruct and rebuild the creative process to only focus on what truly provides value for audiences (i.e., create the right content for the audience AND the medium – and nothing else).

The result is content that is quantifiably some of the most efficient and effective at driving action in the market today.

About Us

Damion Taylor (Founder)

Spent the last 15 years applying data and technology to entertainment. Both analytical and creative, he brings a unique skill set that’s in high demand for brands and media companies.

He effectively translates data in a way that is meaningful to creatives talent and has become a respected leader in audience growth and producing data-informed creative.

He has lead Audience Development for large traditional media companies (e.g., Warner Bros. and NBC Universal) as well as innovative digital leaders (e.g., Machinima, Mitu and New Form).